When you want to grill fish tacos, you can do it with an air fryer

A seasoned fish taco chef from New York City wants to help you get started.

Joe Stosberg is the founder and owner of Air Frying Concepts, which specializes in making a high-quality grilled fish taco.

“When I first got out of college, we did the first fish taco in the state of New York, but it was not a big success,” Stosburg said.

“But it was a big, big hit.

It was so popular that we started doing it all over again, and we just kind of kept doing it.

It just kept going.

And now we have this second fish taco coming out.

I love it.

I’ve been doing it for years.”

Stosberg said he started off as a restaurant owner, and now he’s a certified chef and chef-owner.

“You know what?

I’ve always been a very passionate chef.

I was in the culinary arts,” he said.

“I’ve always had a passion for food, but I never really had a true passion for cooking.”

Strosberg said it’s a tough balancing act.

“I like to be the one that’s trying to get the most out of what I’m doing,” he explained.

“And if I’m the one who’s going to get to the top, I’m going to want to have a lot of fun.”

Stores and restaurants in the Northeast are also starting to embrace air-frying.

The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (NYSDAAM) reports air-fried fish is becoming a popular, healthier way to prepare fish.

The USDA estimates that about 2.5 million Americans can benefit from using air-fed air.

“It’s a great way to go to lower cost, healthier ingredients that are higher in protein,” said Stosenberg.

Stosburg is the owner of several restaurants in New York.

He said his specialty is fish tacos.

He recommends buying one with a large amount of fish, such as a large, fatty fish like lobster, or the fish tacos are often topped with a spicy chili sauce.

“They’re very spicy, so it’s an awesome thing for a lot more people to enjoy,” Strosberg explained.

The dish is easy to make, and he suggests serving it with the use of a grill or air fryers.

“The trick is to have the grill, the fryer and then add the fish to the grill,” he added.

“You want the grill to be big enough so that you can get all the fish on the grill and all the heat from the grill.”

Stocks and restaurants are also making their own versions of the dish.

Stosung says you can use your own air fry or a grill.

Strosburg recommends you get a large portion of fish to go with the tacos, and then season it with a mild sauce, such like chili sauce, chili powder, garlic powder or chipotle.

“This is not a very spicy sauce, but this is a very mild sauce.

It’s more of a vinegar and lemon flavor,” he shared.”

We can also add in some red peppers, cilantro, a few of those things that we’ve got in the store,” he noted.

Stories and recipes for the air-cooked fish tacos can be found on his website.

For more information about fish tacos and how to make them, visit AirFrying Concepts.

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