‘The Last Tycoon’ debuts this weekend in theaters and on Netflix and Amazon Prime — and it’s about to be made into a movie!

This week, we’re getting our first look at the film version of The Last Tycoon, a new drama starring Matt Damon and Amy Adams.

The film will be directed by Damon and star Adams, and it is slated to open in theaters on Friday, May 10.

The project, which was originally supposed to be a one-off short, is now being expanded to a feature length film, which will debut in theaters this fall.

Damon will direct the film with Adam and producer Alex Proyas.

The film is based on Damon’s 2013 comedy The Last Man on Earth, which starred Damon, Amy Adams, Jeff Bridges, and Will Smith.

It follows a group of astronauts who spend a month on a space station in order to rescue a woman who was trapped inside a massive space station that is about to explode.

In addition to Damon, Adams, Bridges, Proyass, and Adam, the cast also includes Samuel L. Jackson, Emma Stone, Jason Segel, and Kevin Costner.

A preview of the film was recently released on Amazon Prime, which includes exclusive content and deals on movies, TV shows, and more.

The Last Man On Earth was written and directed by Adam Wingard, who is currently producing and writing The Last Emperor for Warner Bros. The studio has yet to officially announce a release date for The Last Master, which is expected to open this fall in theaters.

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