A quick and easy pot recipe for chicken | Instant Pot

The easy chicken recipe will work well in any pot, and it’s perfect for stews, stews with vegetables, stir-fries, and just about any other dish that can be made in a pot. 

If you’re looking for a quick and simple pot recipe, you’re going to need a couple of basic ingredients to get started: instant pot and chicken broth.

Instant Pot: The most popular cooking method is by using a pressure cooker.

Instant Pot can be used to cook any of a wide variety of dishes including soups, stoves, stir fry, stir pies, and many more.

If you don’t already have one, you can use one of the many online Instant Pot kits.

The easiest way to learn how to use an Instant Pot is to watch the video below. 

Instant Pot Quick & Easy Chicken Recipe: Instant Pot Chicken, 4 Ingredient Ingredients Instant Pot – $199.99 Instant Pots come in two different models, the Basic and the Advanced, and are typically much cheaper.

Basic Instant Pot (with the exception of the stainless steel ones) comes with one lid, two pots, a lid and instructions.

You’ll want to use the Basic Instant Pot if you plan on making a lot of chicken.

You can get a lot more chicken for the same price with the Advanced Instant Pot, but it’s still a bit more expensive.

The Basic Instant Porcelain Instant Pot comes with a lid, a stovetop, and instructions, but does not come with instructions.

It also comes with stainless steel and aluminum pots, but they are still pricey.

The Advanced Instant Pots are the most popular Instant Pot models, with a much larger, better-looking lid, and have a built-in stove.

All of these pots are made with stainless steels, which makes them a bit less expensive.

If you’re a new Instant Pot user, you may want to give the Basic or Advanced Instant pots a try.

For those who are just starting out, the Instant Pot will probably work well for making chicken, but there are many variations to consider.

There are several different methods to make chicken, and these are just some of the things you can try: Slow Cooker Chicken: This is a pretty basic way to make a quick meal.

It’s easy to follow, and a lot cheaper than a traditional slow cooker. 

Slow cooker chicken can be served over rice or rice noodles. 

Stovetop Chicken: Slow cookers can be very versatile.

They can be great for stir fry or sauteing rice, and can be more suitable for stoves that use charcoal.

Slow cooker sauteed chicken will make a great side dish for stir-fried vegetables, and you can also make it for sandwiches or for a simple chicken salad. 

Pressure Cooker: This can be a great way to keep the chicken in the fridge for later.

Pressure cookers will be able to hold a lot longer than slow cookers, and they’re much cheaper too. 

KitchenAid Instant Pot: KitchenAid Instant Pops are the next most popular instant pot, but you can still make your own using an electric one. 

You can also use an electric stovetop pressure cooker to cook meat, fish, vegetables, or any other kind of food. 

The pressure cooker can be useful for staving off freezer burn, because it will be so much less likely to burn if you leave it in the refrigerator. 

It’s also great for making sauces, because they can be poured into a slow cooker and it’ll freeze very quickly. 

Tofu Pressure Cooker (Kitchen Aid): A tofu pressure cooker is one of my favorite options.

It has a very simple design, and is great for quickly preparing stir fries or stir-fu.

It can also be used for soups. 

Lid-Free Pressure Cookers: You can make a tofu pressure cook with a plastic lid instead of the plastic lid of an electric pressure cooker, and then add your own sauce.

This will make it much easier to use in soups and sauces. 

For more recipes and ideas, check out my Instant Pot Instant Pot Guide . 

If I missed any of the great Instant Pot recipes that you like, please leave a comment below! 

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