What’s the best seafood recipe on Instagram? [Foodie Weekly]

The best seafood recipes on Instagram are everywhere.

There’s the kale salad, the crispy shrimp recipe, and of course, the shrimp risotto.

And the most popular seafood recipes are all in one of those delicious, healthy sauces that are all pretty much the same.

There are some differences, however, and the best sauce recipe is actually quite simple: marinara sauce.

Marinara is a combination of tomato, garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice.

The tomato marinade, in this case, is tomato puree and olive oil.

The marinadas flavor is really good and the marinades texture is really, really good.

There is also a nice blend of spices.

The ingredients are usually fresh and simple, and marinaras are great to serve alongside fish.

The best marinarras, though, are the ones that use fresh ingredients and no marinading.

Here are the top seafood recipes to make, and be sure to follow us on Instagram to see them all.1.

Kale & Tomato Salad (recipe) by @katebond_food from Instagram.com2.

Marinara & Tomato Sauce by @chrislindsay from Instagram3.

Sesame-Lime-Lemon Chicken & Mushrooms & Spinach by @taylorspeppers from Instagram4.

Salsa & Olive Oil by @joeandstacys from Instagram5.

Salmon & Olive Salad by @kevinholly from Instagram6.

Crab & Marinated Chicken by @fitz_noodle from Instagram7.

Grilled Shrimp & Marinade by @chef_frosty from Instagram8.

Tuna Salad by Chef Dolly from @tamalee_s from Instagram9.

Crab Sauce by Chef James from @frozenfish_sauce from Instagram10.

Shrimp Risotto by @peterbaconhouse from Instagram11.

Salmon Risottos by @bobmccarthy from Instagram12.

Tofu & Tomato Basil Sauce by Jess from @jessandmccarron from Instagram13.

Shrimps & Seafood Sauce by Sarah from @hannahsarah from Instagram14.

Salmon and Olive Oil Shrimp by @hanswannibell from Instagram15.

Salmon Rice & Salmon by @gwilhambaker from Instagram16.

Tossed Fish Salad by Melissa from @british_salty_beverage from Instagram17.

Chicken & Garlic & Avocado Salad by Kate from @katemagirl from Instagram18.

Shaved Tuna & Chicken Salad by #shavedtuna from Instagram19.

Sausage & Olive Sauce by #sausageandoil from Instagram20.

Seafood Salad by Emma from @elizabethsoulfold from Instagram21.

Shredded Pork Risoul by @michaelmckenna from Instagram22.

Salmon Balsamic Vinaigrette by @daniellebritts from @nico_daniels from Instagram23.

Seafoam & Shrimp Fries by @marie_jennings from Instagram24.

Fish Tuna Rice Salad by Amanda from @alisonfrye from Instagram25.

Crab Salad by Amy from @austin_jones from Instagram26.

Grilling Shrimp with Prawns & Seafoams by @katiewendy from @chinese_mexican from Instagram27.

Fresh & Easy Salmon & Salmon Rice Salad by Emily from @emilysullivan from Instagram28.

Sushi Salmon Salad by Laura from @leather_matt from Instagram29.

Salmon Salmon Salad from @mike_nelson from Instagram30.

Tried & True Salmon & Shrimper by @lisa_yee from Instagram31.

Salmon Fritters & Tuna by @sally_liza from Instagram32.

Seafar & Avacado Shrimp Salad by Sarah (@katemaguarino) from Instagram33.

Seafarey Chicken & Salmon Salad By @susan_shrimp from Instagram34.

Fish & Shavings by @john_kate_ from Instagram35.

Shallow & Crispy Salmon & Seafirls by @joel_d_bacon from Instagram36.

Fish and Rice Salad By Laura from Instagram37.

Shashlik Salad by Jessica from @louisianna_poulsen from Instagram38.

Tasty Chicken & Shaved Salmon Salad with Salsa by @yazamira from Instagram39.

Salmon Shrimp Rice & Garamis by @sexy_taste from Instagram40.

Sliced Shrimp Rolls by @melissa_wendygook from Instagram41.

Salmon Slices with Dried Cilantro & Salsa-Herb Salad by Hannah from @sara_shel

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