When Belgium won the World Cup, there was a lot of fuss over waffles – but how to make them

Belgian waffles have been a staple in Belgian cuisine for generations, but for many years they were hard to find.

But they finally made their way to the UK in 2011.

The waffle has long been a favorite in the country, with the recipe appearing in the classic French cookbook, the Etudes Juillot, from the 16th century.

But with the country’s economy in recession and many restaurants closed, many were forced to close, leaving the waffles to die on the vine.

The recipe was adapted from the French, but the ingredients were a bit more complicated, including eggs, milk, and a pinch of salt.

In fact, some experts believe the waffle was originally a mixture of eggs and sugar, which may have been used as a stabiliser.

As the recipe for Belgian waffle evolved over the years, many cooks added other ingredients such as breadcrumbs, butter, and vanilla extract.

This made the wafers more dense and slightly thinner.

But over time, waffles began to become increasingly popular in the US and Europe, with American waffles becoming a staple.

In fact, Belgian wafes are still very popular in some of the world’s largest European cities, including London, Paris, Berlin, and Milan.

However, it has become increasingly difficult to find waffles in the UK, with supermarkets reporting a sharp decline in sales in May.

And many restaurants are now offering waffles instead.

But for some, the waffleries success story can be summed up in one word: flavour.

As one American chef described Belgian wafflers to Al Jazeera: They taste like something that’s been made with eggs, flour and sugar and it’s really lovely.

In a recent episode of Food & Wine magazine, chef Nick Jones described waffles as “fairy, custard, and caramel”.

It was also suggested that Belgian wafer’s “sour, salty, and sweet”.

But as the recipe evolves, so do the wifters recipes.

This is because Belgian wifes are also known for their ability to be a rich, richly flavoured and slightly sour-tasting dish.

In this recipe, for example, we’re adding a touch of the sweetener, to create a more balanced dish.

It’s a perfect recipe for the holidays or any other holiday that demands a balanced dish that’s sweet and rich.

And if you’re going to make one, be sure to keep the flavours in check.

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