Which NFL players have the worst leftover turkey recipe?

The NFL’s leftover turkey and sausage recipes are all over the place, and it’s not even close to being the worst.

In fact, the league has been using leftover turkey since the 1950s, but it’s only recently been updated to include the popular leftover chicken and egg recipe.

The league has released a guide to the best and worst leftover recipe, and for the first time, it’s getting updated for the 2017 season.

Here are the best-and-worst leftover recipes in the NFL.


Best leftover turkey for a Sunday dinner: Chicken-Eggs-Stuffed Turkey Recipe The easiest and quickest way to make your own leftover turkey is to throw in a batch of chicken-eggs, a batch or two of sausage, and a couple of whole turkeys.

This chicken-and/or sausage-stuffed turkey recipe from The Recipe Box is the most common and easiest to prepare, as it is made from scratch, with no additional prep.

Just peel and slice the chicken into 4-inch pieces and bake for about 30 minutes.


Best homemade turkey: Chicken Tenderloin Sandwich Recipe The best homemade turkey is usually a leftover chicken, but you can make your turkey a little smaller and make it even easier.

This homemade turkey recipe is made with the same ingredients as the Thanksgiving leftover turkey, but uses the turkey in a different way: 1.

Add a bunch of onions to a large pot over medium-high heat.

2, Cook for about 5 minutes on each side, until the onions are soft and golden.


Add some bacon, sauté until golden brown, then add a bunch more onions and cook on each end for about 1 minute more.


Add your shredded cheese, herbs, and fresh herbs and sautée for about 2 minutes, then return to medium-low heat and cook for another 30 minutes on both sides.


Remove the turkey from the heat and let it rest for 5 minutes before carving it. 6.

Slice the turkey and serve with a fried egg.


Best frozen turkey: Pork-Turkey Sandwich Recipe This is one of the most popular Thanksgiving leftover recipes, as people are constantly coming up with new ways to make the recipe.

This recipe from Food52, however, uses a leftover turkey from a turkey-lover’s Thanksgiving dinner and freezes it for a quick dinner.

It’s a good way to save up leftover turkey while still enjoying Thanksgiving.

This pork-Turkey sandwich recipe is usually made from leftover pork, but sometimes people also make their own turkey from scratch.

This one is usually served as a side dish for Thanksgiving dinners, and this recipe is a good one for kids as well.


Best turkey sandwich recipe: Garlic and Onion Soup Recipe This garlic-onion soup recipe is the easiest way to recreate the flavor of leftover turkey with a sprinkle of onion.

This is the one with the most ingredients, so if you’re not familiar with garlic, check out this recipe to make it easy.

Just mix up a bowl of chopped garlic with a little bit of onion and some fresh herbs, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.

This garlic soup recipe comes together in about 20 minutes, and is a great Thanksgiving dinner option.


Best chicken sandwich recipe, with sauce: Chicken and Egg Sandwich Recipe Another popular way to use leftover turkey are chicken and/or turkey sandwiches.

This Chicken-and Chicken-egg sandwich recipe from Taste of Home is the best of the best.

This turkey and chicken sandwich is the classic turkey recipe, but if you want to try something different, check these out.

This version of the classic chicken and turkey sandwich is made of chicken and eggs, and you’ll have to adjust the amount of turkey and turkey sausage to get the best flavor.

This meal is made in 30 minutes, so it will taste just as good if you do the recipe in 15 minutes.


Best soup from the past: Chicken soup recipe from TastefulTaste of Home recipe from the Food52 blog contains the best soup from past Thanksgiving dinners.

This soup from TastyTasteOfHome is the recipe that comes closest to making this recipe look like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, with a twist: the chicken is simmered in a soup made of broth, tomatoes, and carrots, then served with a few pieces of leftover chicken.


Best Chicken-Oven-Fried Chicken recipe: Pork and Turkey Sandwich Recipe In the past, this recipe from Chicken-Taste Of Home was considered the best leftover turkey soup recipe.

But since this recipe was made from the chicken that came from a Thanksgiving dinner last year, the chicken flavor is slightly more muted and the turkey is slightly less flavorful.

This Pork-OVEN-FRIED chicken recipe from Cook it to Order is a better way to go, and uses leftover turkey instead of the usual chicken, and the recipe is easy to prepare.


Best traditional Thanksgiving turkey: Roasted Turkey recipe from Cooking

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