How to make cornish chicken recipe without a crockpot

This recipe was inspired by a cornish recipe for cornish ham and it turned out great.

I am happy with how it turned up, so I am sharing it again for my readers.

I have found that I prefer to cook with the chicken stock, and I am always looking for new recipes that have added a nice creamy, savory texture to the cornish dish.

The chicken is always moist and tender, and the gravy is a wonderful addition to the dish.

I also like to add some roasted garlic, which adds a nice savory taste to the broth.

For this recipe, I have also used smoked chicken breasts, but I think the flavor is great with turkey as well.

This recipe can also be made with the leftover chicken stock from the ham and other vegetables.

You can substitute cornish bacon for the ham if you want, and you can add chopped mushrooms for a bit more flavor.

If you have a crocking pot, you can also cook this chicken in it, as this dish does not require one.

I usually like to use slow cooker beans, but this recipe also works well in a pressure cooker or slow cooker.


Recipe Notes 1.

I like to make this recipe with chicken stock that is seasoned with salt and pepper.

This will keep the dish nice and moist and keep the gravy from sticking to the bottom of the crock pot.

I love to use cornish sausage, or even white cheddar.


I always cook the chicken breasts and thighs separately.

I use a slow cooker, but a regular pressure cooker will work as well, if you can’t find the stock on sale at the store.


I do not recommend using cornish meatballs as this will spoil the flavor of the cornishes gravy, and if you use chicken breasts or thighs, the gravy will not be as flavorful.


If the cornshrooms are very tender, you may want to season them with a bit of garlic powder and a little bit of salt and a bit less oil than the corn on the cob.


If making this dish in a cropping pot, place the stock in a large stock pot.

Cook on low heat, cover, and cook for 6-8 hours or overnight.

You may want a little extra stock to thicken the soup or add some salt to the soup if you add some cornish flavor to it.

If using a pressure cook, the pressure will release the stock, so you can stir the soup as needed.

If serving this dish to guests, you will want to add extra cornish seasoning to the stock.


You might want to use a lighter colored broth for this dish, as it will be a bit soupy, but the flavor will be richer.


If it does not freeze well, just thaw it in the microwave, and then add a little milk or cream to the pot.

It will keep in the fridge for up to 2 days.

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